The Mission of the FAS is to inspire positive family life through reducing conflict and hardship. Promote advice and guidance to ensure positive outcomes are measured and achieved 

To achieve this, we will identify and create tailor made packages of support that directly improve the social and emotional well-being of the family. Our core values will always remain central to the work we undertake in partnership with the family.

Support a person-centred approach for families.

Celebrate the equalities, diversity of individuals and families whilst ensuring inclusion for all.

Operating with accountability and transparency, to reach goals identified by the individual or family.

Our Vision:

We believe when you change a family‚Äôs life, you change the dynamics and environmental factors enabling them to begin a bigger and brighter future, which can have a positive change on the community. 

As a Family Advisory Service providing a family centred support, the Family Service will strive to be part of the solution, overcoming barriers the family come across. The Family Service will initiate and implement strategic programmes in a person-centred way that can strengthen their meaningful use of time and give the individual or family the positive motivation and confidence so they can solely take on any responsibilities and strengthen their family link.

Families facing crisis or needing additional support in Sunderland will have access to a holistic, innovative service that will help to support and promote positive family ties benefitting both adults and children. By building strong networks within the City with primary and secondary stakeholders the service with this strategic alliance can build change for the future and extend our reach for those who are in need.