Angela has worked within the family support environment for over 30 years gaining vast professional knowledge and experience through roles in; social housing management, project lead for a Holistic Temporary Accommodation Support Service (HTASS) and Family Engagement work within HMPPS.

Academically, she studied for a Social Science PhD that focussed on Domestic Abuse, MSc Criminology and BA Hons Criminology. Angela has also lectured to students in Sociology, Social Work and Criminology and has contributed to social research and academic publications for example;

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Wilcock, A & Quaid, S. (2018) Exploring the Dynamics of Situated Emotionality in Feminist Standpoint Epistemology. Cass Working Paper,

Staff working and supporting the Family Advisory Service will have at least 2 years’ experience in community family support and will promote the values and Aims of the service.